Sonya Bykofsky's comedy and speaking career began in 1985 as a radio air personality. She left when - as a result of computerization and political correctness - her creative freedom was sucked dry.

After a 7 year climb to the top of the corporate ladder - where the money was good, but the sense of personal gratification was lacking - she made a phone call to the island of Grand Cayman that unexpectedly led her into the field of massage and bodywork.  It was through this work that she began to see the devastating effects stress has on the body and mind. After her own bout with cancer in 2013, she decided to add laughter to her healing work.  

She is a comedian and inspirational speaker offering  what she calls, "comedy with a purpose". Her specialty is the spa industry, but is able to cater topics for any corporate conferences, small businesses, or not-for-profit organizations (especially animal causes). 

She lives in Western Massachusetts, where she hikes by day, and spoons her Australian Cattle Dog by night.

About Sonya...